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PostSubject: Kekkei Genkai   Kekkei Genkai Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 7:40 pm

Name: Hirako

Kekkei Genkai: The Kekkei Genkai of the Hirako clan is not only extremely powerfull, but dangerous to match. How the kekkei genkai of the Hirako works, is the power lies within the clan users blood. How exactly this ability came to be, or what really causes they're blood to do so is a mystery even to most Hirako elders. The Kekkei Genkai folds out into two specific parts. They go as follow:

- The Hirako blood is seemingly normal is everything such as looks, texture, and properties. Same as regular blood save for one thing. When the Hirako blood is drawn from the body it takes on a distinct magenta color.

- Now, the blood of the Hirako when out of the body and turns magenta has an extremely powerful ability. This ability can be used at any time but it follows the concept of Voodoo. When the blood of a Hirako writes a name of a person on an object, the object will then be linked to the person in the concept of Voodoo. If the object is stabbed with a needle, the person who it is linked to will fell the needle piercing their body. Once the name of a person is written on an object whoever belongs to that name will feel all that happns to the object. Now because the Hirako clan are a majority of puppet users this kekkei genkei ability is used on their puppets. All they need to know is a name and once written on one of their puppets whatever happens to the puppet will happen to the person.

Please note that to have effect on the person only happens if the specific person is at least thirty feet close to the object that has their name.

(This is a blank, void of weapons and triats, Puppet, custom made from the Hirako Clan. While they're kekkei genkai can work on any object most Hirako prefer to use this puppet for Voodoo'ing their opponents)

History:(The history of your Clan. Were did they originate? How did they come to be? Things like that. This part should be very descriptive and at least two paragraphs.)
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Kekkei Genkai
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