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PostSubject: Pfft...   Pfft... Icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 7:04 pm

The simply fact that you felt it neccesary to delete things from the forum, which thereby put a crutch on the people you supposable 'respect' still is rediculous. You can't come back here spouting all this nonsense, when I have the ACP, and it tells me your 'crew' is responsible. As I said in another topic to you. You had appointed and directed the moderators whom left with you. Anyone with common sense can tell by you deleting things from the site, they felt it neccesary as well, thus making you the origin. Your right, those images are yours. Unfortunately, by placing them on MY site, the images now belong to ME. See how that works? Would you have gone through and properly asked, "Hey guys, im leaving. I'd like my images." I would have said, "Sure. Let me find some to replace them real fast." and that would have been that. But, you went out of your way to put a delay on the site, therefore royally pissing me off, and I returned the favor by recovering my images.

You seem to have a few things twisted around in your head there bud, stop coming here trying to be innocent, when obviously, as common knowledge and recorded event (admin panel) says, you are not. Leave with whatever little dignity and respect you'll receive.
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