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 Jace loves his mom's penish. D:

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Jace loves his mom's penish. D: Empty
PostSubject: Jace loves his mom's penish. D:   Jace loves his mom's penish. D: Icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 12:16 pm

Name: Mugen Kyokudo
Gender: Male
Age: Twelve
Appearance: Jace loves his mom's penish. D: Eficsy
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Mugen is what many would describe as mousy or reserved. So much so that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he doesn’t even know what his own voice sounds like. Normally, people would attribute his quiet nature to a lack of self-confidence or some sort of traumatic childhood event. None of these apply to the young aspiring Shinobi. Then what is the cause of his semi-mute behavior? To be quite honest, Mugen just isn’t the chatty type; more of the strong and silent type. Though, when he does talk, he’s rather blunt and to the point. Some mistake this for being rude or absent minded, but the twelve year old is anything but. He’s actually quite respectful to those who know how to give respect in return. As for being absent minded, he does have the tendency to seemingly stare off into space, but this hardly means he isn’t thinking. As a matter of fact, when Mugen has a somewhat blank expression on his face and doesn’t respond to any sort of arousal method, he’s more than likely in the midst of concocting some sort of plan or idea. However, telling him that something is wrong with his beloved black sweater will usually snap him out of it. For some reason, Mugen has a strange attachment to his sweatshirt. If it ends up getting cut or scuffed during battle, he’ll quietly sulk about it after the scuffle is over until he can get it fixed. Why would a young prodigy such as Mugen become distressed over such a trivial matter? The answer to it lies in his past which will be covered in his History.

Just two lines ago I stated that Mugen is a prodigy. Nothing could be closer to the truth. The young aspiring Cloud Ninja is a certified genius when it comes to learning new material, strategizing, and fighting in general. As a matter of fact, he used to help his out uncle, who was a higher ranked Chunnin, with strategies for lower ranked missions (They didn’t want to risk it with A+ Ranked jobs and up). Most of them were actually quite effective, much to everyone’s surprise. His uncle was very vocal about it as well. He told everyone from the merchants at the market centers to Jounin who he happened to know. While many children Mugen’s age would have enjoyed the praise and the adoration, Mugen himself despised it. It made him stand out from the other children who undoubtedly heard about him from their parents. A good portion of the children envied and shunned him, while others were simply intimidated by him and kept their distance. This created a sort of cycle: Mugen helps his Uncle with a mission, Mission succeeds, Uncle Brags, Mugen’s peers hear of it and continue to shun him, thus lowering the boy’s social standings. Because his standings were so low, he had nothing else to do but study and practice even more, enabling him to become an even greater asset to his uncle who continued to seek the boy’s aid for nothing more than bragging rights. This cycle put a very large strain on young Mugen. He wanted to help his Uncle in any way he could, but, at the same time, he didn't want to be considered an outcast by everyone in his own age group. Some even suspect that this is the reason he rarely talks; he has no one to talk to. The lack of a social life is clearly evident if you get to know Mugen. For instance: the Academy Student often forgets people’s names and, therefore, gives them names that he makes up on the spot, completely unaware of how rude this actually is. The nicknames are usually based on that person’s looks, personality, or habits.

Because of his reserved nature, not many people know a lot about Mugen, let alone his likes and dislikes. However, Mugen does disdain quite a few types of people and certain behaviors, one, of which, is hubris. The young boy may not speak out against it, but people who feel they are better that others or can assert dominance over another for reasons that are absolutely ludicrous seem to really get under his skin. This more than likely stems from the way his older cousin, Midori, has treated him from they day they met. She lived with their Aunt who had divorced their Uncle years before they were born. It also turns out that Aunt Miko came into some money and was now considered wealthy. Of course, this turned her and Midori into complete and utter snobs, who looked down upon Mugen and his Uncle, Makodo, who were considered Middle Class. They were what Miko called “Kumogakure Cockroaches”. Midori would talk down to Mugen; order him around as if he were her slave, and various other humiliating tasks. Though he never expressed it, a quiet anger began to seethe inside the boy. To this day, Mugen has never garnered respect for people like his cousin, Midori. He has also never garnered respect for people who are always the victim. The people who never stand and defend themselves are just as bad as the ones who are doing the injustice, in Mugen’s mind. Wanting someone else to fight your battles? Wanting someone else to speak in your defense? Those kinds of people are absolutely spineless and are almost asking for bad things to happen to them. Some may ask: “Well what did Mugen do about Midori?” That’s the thing. He did nothing. He wanted his Uncle or someone to speak in his defense; to tell Midori that she was in the wrong. Mugen regrets not speaking for himself and has come to resent those who don’t speak and fight for themselves.

History Background:
Rank: Academy Student
Village: Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud Village)
Level 0
Physical Stats: (15 available)
  • Strength: 2
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Stamina: 5
  • Chakra: 3

Knowledge Stats: (5 available)
  • Taijutsu: 5
  • Ninjutsu: 0
  • Genjutsu: 0
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Jace loves his mom's penish. D:
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