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 Tenrai Seigi

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PostSubject: Tenrai Seigi   Tenrai Seigi Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 3:43 pm

General Information
Name: Seigi, Tenrai

Nickname/Alias: N/A

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Physical Build: Tenrai is simply put, a normal looking man. Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in about 160lbs he is considered to be normal and heathly. He is semi-toned in the chest area as it tends to stick out more than he would like. His build is more developed around speed rather than power. Because of the constant training that he does in his free time he is able to keep his build up, however he is not able to make himself more muscular, which he believes to be a curse.
Hair: He has light brown hair, Considering a person's hair doesn't really mean much to Tenrai, he doesn't do anything with it. He pretty just lets it go where it goes, however because of that he is given some aggrivation in battle if it ever gets in front of his eyes. His hair is decently long, as it goes down past his shoulders. Because of this, he actually does have to tend to it a bit, otherwise he would wake up and his hair would be all over the place. That doesn't happen often, usually his hair looks to be in the exact same place before and after a battle whether he ends it quickly or not. His hair is parted in two ways, both sides of his face. Because of this most of his hair is out of the way, which is why he doesn't mind it's length. He has some facial hair on his chin because he is usually too lazy to shave.
Eyes: Tenrai's eyes are rather unusual and unique. The color of his pupils differ on the weather. When it's cold, Tenrai has light blue eyes, and the darkness of the blue grows when it's really cold. When it is particularly hot out his eye color is a yellow-ish color. Usually a darker shade, however the hotter it is the lighter shade of yellow his eyes become.

Clothing: Tenrai's clothing has always been different to say the least. When most people see him, all they can think is about how bland his attire is. Tenrai doesn't mind having to deal with the comments about it, however he keeps what he wears simple because he feels that getting into detail with one's outfit was trivial and he finds it to be more of a woman exclusive. That's why when a male shinobi wears something flashy around him he has trouble showing them any respect at all.

He wears a pretty much all white long sleeve shirt with usually no shirt under it. When he is being formal, he sometimes does wear a black shirt, but his formal wear still doesn't change much. The shirt is a good size for him, reaching down to his hips. His colar is somewhat large, sticking straight up reaching up to right under his chin. His hair goes over the colar a lot, therefore it doesn't usually show very well. Their are black lines that circle around the top of his sleeves, and the inside of the coat happens to be black. It sticks out in the from area, showing a bit of his upper chest. There is a small black outline around the colar. The ends of the sleeves are a little baggy on him, as they cover his hands when his arm's are straight down.

On the back of his shirt, there is a large Water Country symbol, this one without the appropriate color of the Mizukage. He wears all white gloves, the only part of his clothing that isn't white with black. Around his waste he has a large black belt made from special flexible material so he is still able to move around well. His katana is actually attached to the belt as well. He wears a headband of Kiri sometimes however the headband is different. It's a headband, but also an eye patch as it covers his right eye. It's all white with a black outline.

His pants are what someone might imagine they would be, all white. They aren't very tight on him, as they tend to bag over his feet a bit when he wears them without his sandles. The pants have a black tip to them on each leg. Tenrai usually folds them up so that he can move around more freely without having worry about stepping on his own pants and tripping. He wears his Kage hat, however he has made it modified to fit his outfit, making it black and white.

Accessories: The accessories that stick out on Tenrai is mainly his eye patch headband. People that don't know him think that he simply wears this because of the fact that he's missing an eye but that isn't the case, he wears the eye patch because there is a seal on it that seals half of his chakra. He does this to confuse his enemy, as they will think that he has a decently normal chakra level however it will turn out to be higher than they expect, as all he has to do to regain that chakra is take off the headband. This headband goes around his forehead.

Another accessorie that can be noticed is Tenrai's katana that is usually kept around his waste, however sometimes he wears a sheath that straps around his body, putting the katana behind his back. The Katana has an all white hilt with an all black blade, although the blade isn't very wide or thick, it is very wide and sharp.

Tenrai is a very mysterious man, as no one else seems to ever be able to accuratly guess what he's thinking about. He often keeps to himself, however while he is often anti social when it comes down to it he can become very loud. That is only when he actually gets worked up, which doesn't happen often. Because he grew up pretty much worshipping his father, he became obbsessed with making sure that in every situation there was always justice. This would later lead him into getting into a lot of trouble, as he was known as a very idealistic man. He was simply up until the point when you asked him what he thought was the right thing. This often leads him into getting into arguements with people that believe in something that he doesn't. He is very compassionate, and he believes that although the life of a civilian is precious, so is village security.

On the days where he happens to be a lone, with pretty much no responsibilities he often likes to take a trip down to the park or outside of Konoha in the woods to better get in touch with nature. When this happens, he usually goes out there because of it being peaceful. He will go out there, usually meditating. Whenever someone breaks his solitude, or as he likes to call it, his 'me time.' tenrai will become very angry, although typically around most people he won't show his anger, only state that he was upset. That is one trait that he is known for, he always is calm even when he is betrayed or anything in that nature. When he is disappointed, he'll act calm as ever, however this is only an illusion. In some cases when someone disappoints him he will act calm to them, however it is more than likely that he kills them. That is because he hates when people are weak. He would be considered a strong leader but doesn't exactly have the best track record with morals.

Because of that, a lot of people don't approve of him in the village. It isn't that he is necessarily brutal, it's the simple fact that not a whole lot of people trust him however if it was one thing that they do know it is that he is powerful, and whether or not it's in a negative or positive way he is decently wise. One of the main positive things that Tenrai possesses, a trait that would make him a very good leader is the fact that he is usually able to prepare for any possibility. Any out come that is possibly in a situation he does very well at reading, this is because he is a particularly good strategiest when it comes to leadership.

There have been some points where Tenrai has been known to judge based on compassion rather than logic, but those times are very rare. He often believes that Konoha needs to be stronger as a village, and that they should stop making compromises with the smaller villages, and they should stop giving people power that may turn into an enemy later down the road. Tenrai with every decision he makes he is always looking out for the village which is his way of showing that he is loyal. Sometimes he will carry out missions without the Hokage knowing, doing the dirty work for the village so that it can stay strong.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenrai Seigi   Tenrai Seigi Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 3:43 pm

Clan Information

Clan Name: Seigi

Kekkei Genkai:
The KKG of the Seigi is a very complicated one, but a very powerful one. In stages, their ability is best explained by the advancement of not only the chakra system, but the advancement of further use of the chakra system. Thus creating various effects. The KKG is called Maseishou, or 'Pure Energy.' As it's name suggests, with the advanced chakra system of the Seigi, the clan member is able to essentially turn their chakra into a pure form of energy instead of it's natural weak form. The best example of this energy would be a laser, being able to burn flesh upon touch it is best that contact with it is avoided even for the user.

When the clan member is using this KKG, they must be careful and cautious. Because of the advancements, the actual chakra begins to drain much quicker than normal chakra would after using this 'laser' ability. However, it does become helpful for not only offense but defense as well. The Seigi's KKG is known to be fierce and it is feared by many, being called the unstoppable force, among many other names suggesting that it isn't easily overcome. The energy burns through any solid object that it happens to come into contact to.

For each stage, their chakra is a different color. The more powerful of pure energy used the more straint put on the user. Only the top users of the Maseishou can use the last stage, obviously being the strongest it has massive destructive power however the devistation to the clan member's had is also massive. Typically, after only a few uses the clan member probably will temporarily lose function of the hand(s) used.

The "Red" Effect, Stage 1
This is the weakest form of the Maseishou, being known for it's red color. The clan member can use this energy without handsigns, typically using the hands to shoot it out at his or her opponent. This blast is known to be fairly large, being able to cause massive destruction however it isn't very fast which is why it sometimes fails to catch the opponent. However, the higher the rank of the user, the faster the beam is able to travel. When shot, the blast is a one way travel, it cannot be manipulated once released.

This energy is often used in Taijutsu attacks, the user being able to use it to their advantage by gathering up the energy under their feet before taking off at full speed, giving them a sort of power boost they can also use it with their hits. While the blast can be large, it can be countered by any elemental affinity other than wind. This energy rapidly eats away at any lower ranked shinobi using it.

The "Blue" Effect, Stage 2
This energy's 'beams' are a lot smaller than the red energy in nature, however, they happen to be extremely fast. So much so, that avoiding it at a lower rank would practically be impossible. This stage is usually obtained when the clan member becomes Jounin, otherwise the chakra consumption would be too much for the clan member to continue on fighting. These beams, unlike the red energy, can be shot from the mouth as well.

Unlike the red energy, the blue energy can be used for other supplementary uses such as making restraints. This is because once the energy is released, it can be manipulated. This means that the clan member can use their hands to make it move in different directions and change it's form, rather than it being a one way shot.

The "Black" Effect, Stage 3
Known for it's shere force, this part of the Maseishou happens to be extremely powerful, but only can be used as a last resort, as if it is used for long the clan member has a high probability of dying. At the highest rank, the clan member would probably only be able to let out 2-3 blasts total before being drained of chakra to the point where fighting longer wouldn't be an option, this particular stage has the potential to pretty much destroy an entire small village in 2 shots. A larger village like one of the five great villages it would probably completely destroy half of it in 2, however 3 shots would take it all. Blocking against it is difficult, because of it's mass it is capable of ripping through most elemental defenses and attacks.

While it works as an excellent offensive attack, it may also work as a great shield, as again not many attacks would be capable of penetrating it. Unlike blue energy, this energy cannot be controled, merely shot and stopped. The clan member is capable of stopping the technique, basically making the energy float, but the clan member can only keep this for a short amount of time. (a few posts.)

Clan History:
The Seigi clan were around since the beginning of Konoha, however they were not a very well-known clan. This was because of the fact that the members either weren't able to use the bloodline trait of the clan or they simply were too afraid of it's power, or unable to control it's power. Because of that, the clan was merely in the shadow of clans such as Senju, Uchiha and Hyuuga. This didn't matter much to them, as they were a clan of a peaceful nature and didn't feel the need to be competetive. They would become well known at the time when Konoha needed a leader, one person to rule over all; a Seigi was picked to be the first Hokage.

Because of this, the clan's abilities were recognized to be extremely powerful. The first Hokage was a man of great leadership known for his compassionate nature, his ability to bring peace, and a lot of other good qualities. He was the Hokage and he was also the leader of the Seigi making their clan's popularity sky rocket compared to what it was before. However that would also be the clan's downfall. People were starting to become angry with the first Hokage, and that made him a primary target.

Assassination after assassination was attempted, however the man was able to stop almost all of them, until a shinobi worth recognition attacked, and succeded in killing the first Hokage. However, the man gave up his life so that he could protect the village, as he took this shinobi with him in death. He was praised as a hero. With the leader of Seigi gone, they were in a weak state and no one even was even close to the level of ability as their old leader, they weren't sure what they should do. They made a new system, a council of the clan.

They never did find a replacement, however many people were considered. There was a prodigy of the clan by the name of Tenrai. He was the son of the first Hokage, however they didn't believe in his methods of leading as they were nothing like his grandfathers. Because of that, no leader was ever found.

Clan Symbol:
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Tenrai Seigi
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