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PostSubject: Senju Account   Senju Account Icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 11:56 am

Name: Yuki Senju
Rank: Genin
Level: 5
Currency(Money) Available: 10,000¥
Currency(Money) Spent: 10,000¥
Currency(Money) Remaining: 0¥

Physical Stats (If Level 5, 65 Points to spend)
--> Strength:10
--> Dexterity: 25
--> Stamina: 5
--> Chakra: 25
Knowledge Stats
--> Taijutsu: 15
--> Ninjutsu: 15
--> Genjutsu: 0

Skill(s) Purchased:

Beginner Shinobi Weapons skill
Passive, RP Skill, E Rank
Requirements: 5 Dex
Description: This is the weapons skill that allows a person to use the normal fare of Shinobi weapons like Shuriken, Senbon and Kunai. Can only throw one at a time.

Basic Taijutsu Skill
Passive, RP Skill, E Rank
Requirements: 5 Stm, 5 Tai
Description: The basic skill which grants the knowledge of basic Taijutsu. Hand-to-Hand combat becomes more than instinctive defensive punches and kicks: One actually understands the movements and knows what he is doing. Can now use E rank Taijutsu.

Chakra Control Skill
Passive, RP Skill, E Rank
Requirements: 5 Chakra
Description: The basic skill that allows a Ninja to use Chakra for their techniques. Without this, it is impossible to mold Chakra for Jutsu and other Skills up to D rank.

Jutsu Purchased: Here is where you list purchased jutsu that are already validated and part of your current arsenal.
--> Genjutsu:
--> Ninjutsu:

Transformation Technique • [Henge no Jutsu]
Ninjutsu, Academy, Supplementary, E Rank
Requirements: 5 Nin
Cost: 3 Cha
Description: A technique which physically changes an individual into another person or thing. The user gains any physical attributes of the person or animal they transform into, such as claws or height, however, their size cannot change very much and any weapon will be for display only, not exactly usable.

Body Switch Skill • [Kawarimi no Jutsu]
Ninjutsu, Academy, Supplementary, E Rank
Requirements: 5 Nin
Cost: 5 Chakra
Description: A basic skill involving quickly switching the body with another plant, animal or inanimate object. This is used to confuse the opponent momentarily and create an opportunity to attack or possibly escape, although one can only escape if there is room for it, just like any regular movement.
Special: Must have something to switch with and it must be about the same size and weight. At level 25, the user is able to switch with his own clones and at level 30 he is able to switch with another person's clones as long as they have -60 Dex then you. The BP Cost per use varies with the technique being used against. BP will equal .5 + the BP cost of the technique you are avoiding. Total BP Cost cannot be reduced.

Rope Untying Skill • [Nawanuke no Jutsu]
Ninjutsu, Academy, Supplementary, E Rank
Requirements: 5 Nin
Cost: 3 Sta
Description: A basic skill used to escape from a rope binding. Even the toughest ropes can be escaped just like Houdini himself, only more Ninja stylish.

--> Taijutsu:
--> Custom Jutsu:

Equipment Purchased:

Forehead Protector
Type: Head Gear
Slot: Heat Up or Accessory
Description: The common item used by all ninja, received at Genin Rank. This object is proof of one's stature within the village and can be used in several stylesThe most common being on the forehead since that way it grants more protection from fatal blows to the head.
Special: This item is granted free of cost to all who become Genin. It must still go through a shop transition, regardless.

Padded Sandals
Type: Foot Gear
Slot: Feet
Description: A sandal that is worn by many types of conventional shinobi which allows perfect movement and extra protection. User gets +2 Dex and +2 Str.
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PostSubject: Re: Senju Account   Senju Account Icon_minitimeMon Feb 15, 2010 7:12 pm

Hebi • Serpents
Snake, D Rank, lvl 7, Lawful Evil
Requirements: Level 12
Description: The lesser beings of the Snake summon contract. These serpents serve as the most basic summon and are easily the swiftest summoning process. Seemingly countless in numbers these serpents are all identical in appearance. They take after most of their brethren in terms of color- dark green scales, pink colored tongues red tinted eyes. However their size is equal to a common forest snake. The Hebi are the weakest group of the snake summons; proven by their size and lack of higher intelligence. However their sheer weight in numbers more than makes up for this. More often than none the Hebi are used in a mass of numbers which threaten to overwhelm the opponent.
Str: 15 Dex: 25 Sta: 10 Cha: 10 BP: 1

Kyodaija • Giant Snakes
Snake, C Rank, lvl 15, Lawful Evil
Requirements: Level 20
Description: Where the Hebi lack in sheer strength and size these serpents make up for it. Significantly harder to summon in numbers, the Kyodaija serve as a more advanced form of the serpents. Each Kyodaija is easily one foot in diameter, thick throughout its body and extremely long. The sheer power of these snakes is to marvel at. They can easily break and smash bones when constricted around an opponent. Kyodaija share the same level of intelligence as the Hebi, allowing the summoner easy control over this group. Dark green scales cover the bodies of these serpents, tinted with the occasional green hue. These serpents are very picky when it comes to working with others. They will each choose a mate for life and will only work solo or with their respected mate. Due to this it is impossible to summon more than two at a time.
Str: 50 Dex: 20 Sta: 30 Cha: 15 BP: 1.5

Doku Kyodaija • Poison Giant Snakes
Snake, B, lvl 25, Lawful Evil
Requirements: Level 26
Description: Normal Kyodaija fall short of one particular category, and in light of that limitation the Doku Kyodaija stand tall. Essentially the Doku Kyodaija are mirror images of their counterparts the normal Kyodaija; their size, strength and speed match with their brothers and sisters in every way. One such trait that sets them apart from their other halves is their poisonous properties. Each Doku Kyodaija is equip with twin fleshy fangs that extend from the roof of their large mouthes. These flesh-sacks are filled with a special type of poison and are injected into their not so lucky opponents. Quite unlike the Kyodaija, these serpents are solitary creatures. Extremely vain in nature each Doku Kyodaija refuses to find itself a mate, however these serpents are not limited to working alone. The user must be extremely careful on how many Doku they summon, for a civil fight- sparked in vanity- is often to arise when these serpents are in large numbers.
Str: 45 Dex: 25 Sta: 50 Cha: 15 BP: 1.5
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