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 Awa Fujioko

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General Information

Name: Awa Fujioko

Age: 11


Personality: Awa is very calm but is also adventurous. She will kill if anyone messes with her comrands. Awa hates to be bossed around. Dispite her calmness many Alchemist call her the " Hyper Bunny ". Kikyo is not like other girls , rather play with boys because girls are to girly for her. She is very hyper and excited all the time, try to tell her to wait and she will be as inpaient as anyone could be.

Appearance: Awa has long black hair, always tied in a high ponytail with a tan hairband. Awa's eyes are crystal dark blue. She wears a black hooded hoody that has her family symbol on the back in red. Awa also wears grey shorts that go down to the top of her knees. She then has on black coverse shoes, and bandage wrapping around her left leg. Awa stands 4 "8" Ft, normal 11 year old weight Around 100 Lbs, short for her age. (How your character looks; A picture would be nice)

Faction: State Alchemist

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: Small knife named Kujo, a bubble blower name Awa.

Skills: Awa Alchemy specializes in bubbles. Awa can create different bubble uses. As she can spit out acid bubbles using her bubble blower, make a giant bubble tomb which everything inside it explodes, BUbble ink explosions, bubble smoke screen

Items: Bubble blower

History & RP Sample

History: Awa Fujioko was born into a noble family, her father was a resercher, when Awa was only 5 her mother died and Awa left to go live with her father. Awa lives with her father who is never around due to his work. As due to this she was always bored and stuck in her fathers library. Through all the years in studying those books she became a genius. Her favorite hobby is blowing bubbles and her favorite thing is bubbles which led to her discovery in her alchemy skills. Once her father found out he explained about state alchemist to Awa. She then seemed to have an interest and decided to test, even though she thought she could never make it, but the results came in and she had recived the job as a state alchemist.

RP Sample:
I was walking along the halls of Central when I noticed a young man signaling me to come over there, as he isisted I followed. The man challenged me to an alchemy battle with his gang.
" No thank you. " Is the first thing that came to my mind, but then the man, Kial his name was, told me that if I chum out I have to clean the main sirs office. As I recall being in there before it was a total mess so I quickly changed my mind. Kial led me to an open area where 4 other people walked out. " They do not look like State Alchemist " I thought to myself as I pulled on a open finger tip glove and tightened my converse.
Kial and I spread out creating a distance between all 6 of us.
The battle then began, Kial ran up to me and thretened a punch of fire over to me, I quickly jumped back, then jumped down, pulled out my bubble blower , molded my saliva with energy and blew bubbles up onto his face, I then jumped backwards, doing a back flip and kicking him in the face. I signalled for the bubbles to pop, the bubbles were filled with acid, that ruined Kials eye sight. Another young ran ran up to me, threatened a kick to my left leg, followed by a front snap kick, then back fist bunch. As he tried to kick me I jumped up, then when he front snapped kick I landed right foot on his face, kicked down his backfist and jumped off of his face while he was still standing up, in a matter of 7 seconds. After I shown off my skills to all of them many of the others backed off and ran away.
" Y-you win. " Kial shouted as he ran off.
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Awa Fujioko
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